From the Press

Designer - March 2008


The Flower in Savion
"The homey country-style house in Savion almost apologizes for its size, its splendor and its prestigious location. Its lodgers together with the architect Yonatan Monjack have succeeded in building a modest country-house which despite all the delights hidden within its walls, is not ostentatious and succeeds in creating a homey and pleasant atmosphere for the family and its guests."


Madad Hamutagim - 2006


Yonatan Monjack
"Contrary to all others, Yonatan Monjack, who is considered one of the most exciting and sought after architects in the private sector of the upper deciles, does not work in one of the fancy skyscrapers or fashionable-stylish lofts in the city, but works from his private home in Ramat Hasharon."

Atmosphera - June 2005


Clinical Architect
"The architect Yonatan Monjack believes his works are a reflection of the culture in its broad sense. They are Israeli in essence and correspond with the local landscape."

Olam Haisha


A Home According to Monjack
"According to the architect Yonatan Monjack the importance of a home in a man's life is central beyond any display of style."

HDL Batim Vehachaim Hatovim - Volume 20


Personal Touch
"Yoni Monjack is a well-known name, certainly among architects or designers. First he opened a window to us and then invited us through the door, so we could understand how to turn dreams into reality; how to stay in love with your mate even after 34 years; how not to waste time; how to live."

At Magazine - October 2002


Going to Caesarea

"When you get to it from the driveway, it's difficult to see it because it is hidden among the trees and the rocks. This, among others, is the secret of this house's charms. It is not small, but not very big either. It is beautiful and comfortable and encompasses everything (…) in very pleasant proportions and without any pretensions."


Olam Haisha


The Monjack Style
"Orly Robinson's retrospective of Yonatan Monjack's architectural work is one of the most beautiful written in recent years on an Israeli designer."

Binyan Vediur


Summit Meeting
"Can the rare cooperation between two top Israeli architects be considered a milestone?"

Olam Haisha


Romance in Malabes
"Certain areas in Neve Oz, Petach Tikva, waited for development to speed up and  allow construction in them. The house hereinafter described was built two meters above the road. This forced the architect to build an entrance in a sort of 'cave' with stairs in its end which hover above the house's garden."

DO Magazine


The National Freshener
"Yoni Monjack is a brand name and he is the first to say it. He also gives his work the pretentious name 'clinical and haute couture architecture', but somehow he is really quite a modest and supportive man who creates ex nihilo with a fascinating-positive attitude. A rare bird."