Styles of Design

The Monjack Style


In 2005 the book "Yonatan Monjack – Architecture, design, Lifestyle" was published. The book focused on the "Tuscan-Israeli" style characterizing Monjack's works and named after him, "The Monjack Style". This design language constantly recreates itself, and has become, over the years, the unique Monjack pantheon.

The Process of Work


Detailed plans and the particulars unique to each project are never compromised in the studio's process of work. Anything concerning the planning process or the coordination with the different consultants is dealt directly by Yonatan Monjack, while anything concerning the finishing details, colors, textiles, carpentry and so on – by Irit.



Monjack does not believe in one style and his works display a variety of styles, yet each house is a reflection of the customer for whom it is intended – in its story, its details, its materials, its space concept and its gardening. The planning styles vary from classical and eclectic houses to modern and fusion (mixed style). Yonatan Monjack believes in the sanctity of details and in close cooperation among the different professionals, an attitude which results in varied and innovative details according to the customer's taste and the project's budget.
The final outcome reflects the client's insights and their implementation in an architectural plan which expresses, most of all, a cultural truth, a human story and an economical aspect. The style characteristic of the studio is the outcome of those insights, materialized by the usage of raw materials and finishing details, from recycled stones and wood to bare concrete and stainless still.