Partnership and Creativity



Meticulous and unique approach, years of experience and a rich heritage turned Monjack into a leading and influential architect in Israel. Working together with his wife and studio partner, Irit Monjack – a highly experienced fashion and interior designer – drawing on complementary sources of inspiration, such as fashion, the arts and industrial design, created the studio's unique design language.


Wise building


During the planning process Monjack searches for a wise, innovative building approach, while utilizing on the one hand recycled materials and on the other hand the latest technology which enables to design with a variety of materials, such as concrete, stone and metal as well as designing unique furnishings and carpentry. Monjack is an architect who likes surprises and therefore does not believe in narrow limits, but in abundance of possibilities which are presented to the customer to choose from.



The inspiring exchange of ideas between Yonatan and Irit throughout the designing process is manifested in the varied materials – such as local stone, bricks, iron, bare concrete and stainless steel – used in surprising combinations.                           
The outcome is timeless works which do not belong to transient fashions and styles. Yonatan Monjack's designs are characterized by being innovative and updated, and by reflecting the harmony and richness of materials, colors, details and textures – all fitting together in a perfect match.